Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS Offroad boots Black White
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The Crossfire 2 SRS is the latest addition to Sidi's Crossfire offroad collection.

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Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS Offroad Boots Black White

The Crossfire 2 SRS represents the evolution of the Crossfire boot which in recent years has managed to stand out as most victorious boot in the offroad sector, thanks to Tony Cairoli and other Sidi champions. Sidi’s technicians used the feedback from the pro riders to create an even better boot than it’s very successful predecessor. The Crossfire 2 SRS is the perfect mix between technology and design.

All Sidi's well known famous technologies have been added to the Crossfire 2 SRS. The redesigned easy to operate adjustable buckles with 'Memory-regulation' system will stay in place once you have adjusted them to your liking. The 'Dual Flex System' gives the boot extra flexibility and ensures a natural position of the footbed. Sidi’s Patented, adjustable calf system makes it possible for the rider to easily adjust the diameter of the calf area. The adjustable calf system offers riders with a wider calf an even better fit than the previous Crossfire. Sidi fitted the Corssfire 2 SRS with the SRS 'Sole Replacement System' technology which makes it possible to easily change the soles of the boots. 

All removable parts of the boots are replaceable which makes it possible to customize the boots

  • inner material: Teflon air mesh inner liner and Cambrelle
  • outer material: Leather and Microfiber
  • SRS "Sole Replacement System"
  • the shin plate is replaceable
  • the adjustable buckles are replaceable and easy to use
  • adjustable Calf System with velcro
  • the Metatarsus Inserts are replaceable
  • An metal defender on the toe area for best protection
  • Anatomically shaped heel with reinforcements
  • the stitching-free boot leg is replaceable
  • Nylon inner sole
  • The arch support is removable

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